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Excel, Word, PowerPoint & VBA… MS Office training

With many thousands of glowing testimonials, Michael is widely recognised as an inspirational trainer. He fronted the BBC Worldwide Microsoft Office training series, and he has written and recorded material that is distributed around the globe and used within all kinds of organisations.
With his comprehensive knowledge and personable manner, he will: improve staff efficiency and morale in Excel and all Microsoft Office products, even instill a new love of these everyday tools.
“we regularly receive positive feedback praising Michael for his patience, clear instructions and professional methods of training delivery.”
The Spreadsheet Company’s training makes Excel simple and gives back to your organisation, hundreds of hours that are wasted on Word or PowerPoint so you can better meet your business’ MS Office needs.

MS Word

Maximise Productivity using Microsoft Excel

Excel allows us to store and handle all the data that is relevant to the running of a business. These courses are designed to give users the skills to collate and analyse this information quickly and effectively.. maximizing productivity so that you make the most of your resources, and improve your return on investment in people and IT.

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MS Word

Better business documents with Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word enables an organisation to create and edit all the documents involved in the running of a business. These courses are designed to give users the skills to produce and print stylish documentation quickly and effectively. So that your organisation is represented by professional-looking documents and that you see an improved return on your investment in staff and IT.

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MS PowerPoint

Presenting your business with PowerPoint

PowerPoint lets you create materials for a projector or screen. This course will enable you to create ‘slides’ with colourful text and photographs, illustrations, drawings, tables, graphs, or movies… and transition from one to another like a slide show pro. You can animate text and illustrations or add sound effects and narration. You can also print out materials to distribute at your presentation.

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Excel VBA

Add magic to Excel with VBA

I can help you translate your requirements into simple tools to give you back your time and deliver the results you want without hardship.Organisations spend (waste) a lot of time performing repetitive tasks. This time can be clawed back by automating processes.Someone once told me that it’s like ‘wizardry’, and I love that.. that we can teach you to write something so effective, it seems like magic.

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