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Integro Excel Automation
Integro Excel Automation

Integro Languages – workflow and invoicing tool – Tom, Director

It was probably 9 or 10 years ago that Tom approached the Spreadsheet Company for a ‘quick and dirty’ solution to allow him to keep track of his workflow and produce invoices, “just until he sourced a CRM” he suggested…

The quick and dirty solution is still doing the job and has therefore saved them many thousands over the years.

Tom says that the benefit of the spreadsheet solution is in its flexibility, as the business has grown, features have been added, for example, to allow multiple users to enter data and sync their information, to import translation data and automate pricing and to enable billing/invoicing in multiple currencies.

Since setting this up, I have done some subsequent work on different projects for Integro Languages too.

Michael: I never expected this solution to still be running today. It was only ever intended to get Tom out of a hole while he researched a corporate database and CRM, but the alternatives never quite offered him the flexibility of the Excel solution. I am thrilled that it is still saving him money after all these years.