Comments from recent training

Awesome, Thankyou (Intro to Excel)

Fantastic, finally feel I can do more with Excel after years of trying (Intermediate Excel)

Michaels style and presentation was brilliant, many thanks. (Intermediate Word)

Michael was a brilliant tutor! Very engaging (Intermediate Excel)

Good humoured, stimulating, intellectually well-tailored, and resourceful and knowledgeable tutor (Advanced Excel)

Tremendous, excellent teaching style & course content, would recommend to excel users. (Advanced Excel)

Brilliantly paced with excellent examples (Advanced Excel)

Instils confidence and empowers (Intro to Excel)

Very informative day with excellent trainer (Introduction to Excel)

An excellent, enjoyable day. Certainly know a lot more than I did at 9.30am. Tutor made us all feel at ease (Introduction to Excel)

Brilliant, Thank you! (Intro to Excel)

Excellent tutor, excellent course (Producing a PowerPoint Presentation)

Excellent all round (Intermediate Word)

Wow! What Patience (Intro to Excel)

Extremely happy with the course, great lesson. Tutor explained everything. Clear, simple and easy to understand. He is a gem! (Intermediate Excel)

Michael was fab, and catered to each individual’s needs – regardless of abilities – an engaging trainer (Introduction to Word)

Excellent! (Intermediate Excel)

Excellent Course, facilitated fantastically by Michael who showed exceptional knowledge, delivering the course at a pace to meet everyone’s needs. Well done & Thankyou (Intermediate Excel)

Excellent course. Facilitated brilliantly by Michael, who worked at each learner’s pace, though making sure that all objectives for the course were covered and learnt by all in attendance (Advanced Word)

Very informative, we covered exactly what I needed to learn (Introduction to Word)

Very good – thank you so much (Introduction to Excel)

Everything was clear and easily interpreted, all in all a good quality of teaching and help (Introduction to Excel)

Extremely helpful and very enjoyable, learned a lot! (Intermediate Word)

Great (Intermediate Excel)

Very good clear delivery of the course (PowerPoint)

Very helpful – thank you so much! (Advanced Word)

Very helpful (Advanced Excel)

Lovely thank you. So much to think about and practise. (Intermediate Word)

Fantastic Trainer, thank you very much (Intermediate Excel)

Very useful. Thank you. Learnt so much (Intermediate Excel)

Very useful, helpful & enjoyable (Introduction to Excel)

Great course as usual, learnt a lot (Intermediate Word)

Good, helpful to pick up pointers and was happy to help answer questions (Advanced Excel)

Excellent day and a very big help in understanding word and its contents. (Introduction to Word)

Very good course, have learnt more than I was expecting to will be recommending to all our staff at work (Excel Intermediate)

Excellent, will definitely help with my work, and home stuff. (Intro to Excel)

Excellent training day – informative, relaxed, great trainer. Opportunities to ask questions & receive help (Intro to Excel)

Very useful – thanks (Intermediate Excel)

Great relaxed atmosphere & trainer very helpful & knowledgeable (PowerPoint)

Very good trainer I have learnt a lot. Thankyou (Advanced Word)

Very good course and tailored session to consider individual’s needs (Advanced Excel)

I truly enjoyed the course and look forward to the next one (Introduction to Excel)

Found todays course very helpful & interesting, just some simple things will make things a lot easier (Introduction to Excel)

Enjoyed the course content, structure & interactive part. Learnt what I wanted and more! (Intermediate Excel)

Excellent (Introduction to Word)

Great relaxed atmosphere & trainer very helpful & knowledgeable (Producing a PowerPoint Presentation)

Very enjoyable course (Intro to Excel)

Learnt some very good short cuts and a better understanding of word. Great. (Introduction to Word)

…more comments from training

Excellent course which met my expectations and more. Very worthwhile, excellent trainer (Introduction to Excel)

The course and pace was excellent. The delivery was clear and the questions were answered. Brilliant. Thankyou (Excel Advanced)

Outstanding trainer, completely responsive and excellent. (Intermediate Word)

Excellent course. I learnt so much more than I expected. The best course I have attended. (Producing a PowerPoint Presentation)

Really useful – thank you. Very well presentable and knowledgeable trainer – giving individuals questions as well as core material, now I just want to use it. (Advanced Excel)

Brilliant really informative (Advanced Excel)

I learned so many things that will save me time & effort. Calling the course an Introduction was a bit misleading, there are so many things covered that I don’t think people generally know, Thankyou 🙂 (Introduction to Word)

Excellent and informative course delivered in a very relaxed and informal manner (Introduction to Word)

Very informative and relaxed method of learning (Introduction to Excel)

Excellent all round (Intro to Excel)

Excellent training with clear concise instructions. A very enjoyable course – Thanks (Intro to Excel)

Had a great day (Producing a PowerPoint Presentation)

Another good day, excellent information and knowledge gained (Intermediate Excel)

Great course, very patient tutor. Would definitely recommend to others (Intro to Excel)

Great Course. Trainer Excellent. Looking forward to next course. (Introduction to Word)

Excellent course (Basic Excel)

Very Flexible Re; Course Content. Thankyou (Intermediate Excel)

Fantastic informative course, Great teacher. Very helpful & patient (Advanced Word)

Excellent course, very informative (Introduction to Word)

Really useful & very friendly (Introduction to Excel)

Excellent course, facilities & training – recommended (Introduction to Excel)

Michael was an excellent trainer with good subject knowledge and lesson pitched well (Intermediate Word)

Really well delivered and friendly. Nice chap, will definitely book next course (Intermediate Excel)

Mike was a very good tutor and I am very happy with the training (Intermediate Excel)

Enjoyed the learning style, learnt lots of new tips that I can use in the future (Advanced Word)

All good, learned lots today which will help at work (Advanced Word)

Excellent (Excel Advanced)

Excellent – well supported, wasn’t made to feel stupid (Intermediate Excel)

Thank You (Intermediate Excel)

Very good course, Michael was very approachable and explained it all very well. Thank you (Introduction to Excel)

Really enjoyed the training. Learnt a lot (Introduction to Excel)

A very useful course for work and home (Intermediate Word)

A very informative day, I found the information and content of the course to be very good and I learnt more than I thought I would. (Introduction to Word)

Very informative, easy to understand, very useful (Introduction to Word)

Excellent course. Clear instructor. Very conductive to learning. Enjoyable. Good useful accompanying material too (Intro to Excel)

Very useful and positive, clear training (Intro to Excel)

Really pleased with session and have learnt new things. Michael was great 🙂 Thank you (Intermediate Word)

Thank you! Feel a lot more confident using Excel and really pleased to have learnt conditional formatting – thank you 🙂 (Intermediate Excel)

Great course. Would recommend to all. (Advanced Word)

Very useful as it linked things I already knew to new skills. Very useful course, well presented (Advanced Excel)

Good course and a lot of useful shortcuts learnt (Introduction to Word)

Good trainer, very informative (Introduction to Excel)

I really enjoyed the course. It was enjoyable and informative (Excel Advanced)

Relaxed atmosphere, full content, loved having time to practice each section (Introduction to Word)

Going to try and remember it all! Everything I need & more. Thankyou (Intro to Excel)

A very informative day, I found the information and content of the course to be very good and I learnt a lot more than I thought I would. (Introduction to Word)

Very good course. I had very little knowledge of PowerPoint before this. Much more confident in being able to do a presentation! (PowerPoint)