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Edge Forecast Excel Automation
Edge Forecast Excel Automation

Edge Forecast – financial forecasting tool – Simon, Director

Coming from an accounting background, Simon started doing forecasts long-hand, he quickly became busy and needed some automation to take out the repetitive and complex tasks he was bogged-down with. These were mostly straightforward Excel macros.

Once he saw the benefit of automation, he asked Michael to create a stand-alone forecasting tool which took the data that his clients entered into their spreadsheets and the answers to his questions and allowed him to put their information together to produce a detailed forecast and suite of reports that would satisfy the most demanding of investors. This process now took a fraction of the time that it took when he was doing it by hand.

His next step was to get the Spreadsheet Company to simplify the whole process so that he can have assistants produce the forecasts in his busy periods. And this was quickly followed by a ‘white-label’ version that he can licence to other accountants to enable them to create forecasts, and provide another income stream.

He is now in the process of hosting the tool that the Spreadsheet Company has built online so that it can be licenced and used remotely.

Michael: Now that Simon has seen the kind of thing that can be done for quite a modest outlay, I have helped him with many other Excel problems/solutions, and he has passed the spreadsheet company on to some of his clients too.